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A Place to socialize and golf

Our community encompasses the dynamic woman. Intelligent, sophisticated, powerful, and empowered. At our events you will connect with women throughout Southern California who are just like you. We are all inclusive and diverse, with a mission to empower women to play golf.

Empowering Women To Excel On And Off The Course

Have you always wanted to golf but were too nervous? Or maybe you like golfing but can’t find other women to golf with? If so, we are the community that is right for you! We are an official club of the Southern California Golf Assocation. Our women make lasting connections.

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Who Are We?

A brand built for a new generation of women. A social golf club. A place where women can enjoy the game of golf together.

What We Do

Inspire self-confidence and celebrate kindness, diversity, and collaboration. We create a safe environment for women to learn and play golf.

Amber Estorga
Founder, ForeGals Golf

I have always spent my life searching for my tribe, my space, and where I fit in. And while taking this path I have always been led by my heart and connected with women who felt vulnerable, needed guidance, compassion, and inspiration. Those things led me to creating this community, while trying to recreate myself again.

I was born and raised in Long Beach, Ca. and founded ForeGals Golf in 2021. I played competitive soccer throughout my life. Graduated from the University of Arizona with a Major in Communications and Minor in Business and Spanish. After 16 years in corporate America for my family business before it’s acquisition in 2023, going from sales to an owner, and I realized men primarily utilize golf as a business tool and felt it was time for women to do the same. My mission in launching this was to create an environment where women could have a safe place to learn and practice golf, create lasting friendships, network, and build self-esteem. I was yearning for a community that didn't exist so I decided to create FGG in hopes that others would get fulfillment as I did through the game of golf. I wanted to surround myself with like-minded women who were uplifting, vulnerable, professional, daring, and not afraid to try something new.

FGG was founded to be a solution-based brand and club that brings women the tools to make their golf game the best it can be while meeting other quality women. It was important to create a club that encompassed dynamic women and was inclusive. But most importantly a place for women to have fun, be authentic, and elevate themselves in a way they didn't think they could.

I currently sit on the board for the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s Lawyers of Long Beach. I enjoy spending time with my two beautiful children, Sloane and William, and my significant other Chris. On my days off I love hitting the gym and enjoying a nice dinner.

In mid-2022, I joined ForeGals Golf as a Partner. Alongside this role, I hold the position of CEO at Pretty Fun Things co., an event planning business, where I have dedicated over a decade to creating memorable events. My genuine passion lies in crafting experiences that leave a lasting impact on individuals. In 2021, I took the initiative to organize Women Empowerment events within my community, with the aim of empowering women and providing them with a secure platform to share their life experiences and businesses.

As a novice golfer, I have found immense joy in the process of learning and progressing in the sport alongside the women in our club. My mission with ForeGals is to inspire more women to explore the world of golf. I firmly believe that through coming together, fostering social connections, and sharing laughter, women can discover a safe haven to forge new friendships and embrace the challenges of something new.

Additionally, I am a proud mother to two incredible children, Sophie and Max, who serve as my daily motivation to strive for excellence in all that I do.

Paola Hernandez
Partner, ForeGals Golf



Our cultural values of being fair is one of the core principles and ideals upon which our community exists. This is made up of several parts: Loyalty. Honesty. Trust. Ingenuity. Accountability. Simplicity. Respect.


We are a community that embraces organic relationships, honesty and vulnerability to be your truest self. We believe in targeting the women of the world who are open and honest with themselves which translates to an organic community.


We support the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Resilience involves the ability to work through emotional pain and suffering and to come out a better person.


We take care of our own and encourage innovation. We explore, evolve, and seek excellence on every level. This results in high-level women who set high goals and reach them. We are trustworthy and our word is our bond.


FOREGALS Golf Club is an elite social golf community based in Southern California  that believes golf is a tool that empowers women to excel professionally and personally on and off the course. It is also a lifestyle.




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